Friday, December 19, 2008

Teacher Banned by Facebook

One of our teachers was recently banned for 1 week from using Facebook.... by Facebook! They got really upset with her because she was "using Facebook to chat"

If it wasn't so funny, I'd Cry. What is the world coming to when teachers are kicked off Facebook for talking to their students? The teacher in question had set up a group where her examination class could ask her questions just before their Mock exams. Now unlike some students - her class actually were studying and preparing for their exams. So much so that the teachers activity caught the attention of Facebook Big Brother.... she was warned.. she ignored them... she was banned for a week!

OK - I'm trying to wipe the smile off my face... but I do think this is funny. It also brings to mind the saying "not every tool is a hammer" -- choose the right tool for the right job. I've put said teacher onto Ning - here's hoping that she will take the right action. I don't want to get into a discussion of why the teacher is not using the school learning platform - I'm working my way up to a post on that.