Friday, May 14, 2010

Turning a Corner

Sitting at the traffic lights last night on my way home from work I looked at this and suddently felt "Yes we have turned a corner". After 9 years at my school here in Hong Kong I finally feel that I've had an impact, I'm making a difference and that learning is turning a corner because of this. As this photo suggests a little colour is appearing in our grayscale world.

What has given me this optimistic view? Working with a faculty yesterday on moving from their well favoured booklets to developing an online learning course. As our Year 7 students now all have their own laptops we're looking at ways of them utilising these with our new online Learning Environment WISdom (moodle based). I think what sold the idea to this lovely (yet very traditional) teacher was that we could cut down on her marking! Over the course of the year she teaches all 180+ Y7 students the same material, from her booklet we could make 8 of the 10 activities self marking - and give the students immediate feedback on their progress. Now what teacher wouldn't see this as a win?

Another positive from this is that the Head of Faculty is going to give us admin support! As this teacher isn't up to speed on making a Quiz, the Faculty tech will do this for her! Win!

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