Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why Jump Puddles?

I remember the joy of my childhood in rural Australia in the 70's - after a big rainstorm my sisters and I would rush to put on our gumboots and head out to jump puddles. With joyful abandon we would go from one to the next all afternoon splishing and splashing. Sometimes the puddles were too big and we'd land in them, sometimes they were too deep and we'd get really wet (didn't my Mum love that). The point however is that we had fun, we were adventurous and yes we did get wet - but we sure learnt how to judge the size of a good puddle to jump.

Where am I getting with all of this nonsense? Using technology in your classroom is sometimes like jumping puddles. Sometimes you pick too big a project and you'll land yourself right in it, sometimes you get it right and sail right over the top of it, landing safety on the other side (of the lesson). But every time you need to think this is an adventure.... it's ok to take risks... it's ok to make mistakes... it's ok if it fails and you end up wet and muddy.

My Mum never got too mad. She was just so proud that she had 3 adventurous kids that liked to take risks... Wouldn't it be great if all our Principals and Leadership Teams had the same attitude?

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